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Lorraine's Journeys

Friday, February 9, 2018

11:55PM - Febrauary Virtual Meeting


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Sunday, January 7, 2018

12:57AM - Foothill Creative Geniuses Clubhouses

Foothill Creative Geniuses Virtual Clubhouse: 1/12 1-3pm, PST: (712)451-0747; access code: 795178#
Foothill Creative Geniuses Physical Clubhouse: meets at the Barnes & Noble, in Folsom, CA at The Palladio, 1/13 1-3pm, PST; for more info, please contact me: (530)903-0788

We'll be discussing New Yr's Resolutions & why they don't work? What the Media, & this anti-civilization calls a yr; what a yr actually is, why I asked you to create what your goals are & put them in a Mini Day Schedule & talk about The Self Leaders System (Project Curiosity)

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Friday, December 8, 2017

12:37AM - Foothill Creative Geniuses Clubhouses

Topic for 12/8, Virtual Clubhouse Meeting & face to face Meeting, 12/9 is:
Do you believe in the "Virgin Birth" & why, or why not?
Jesus, the man: His Missing Yrs: birth - toddler, toddler - 12yrs, 12yrs - 25/30yrs
What does this season mean to you?
The Mythical figure, you know the guy in the red suit, black boots & white beard...
HOMEWORK for January's Meeting
Write down what you, yourself, would like to accomplish each month? (We'll talk about this & why in January's meeting

Please click on the link, if you want to hear, the Foothillo Creaive Geniuses Virtual Meeting

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Thursday, December 7, 2017

12:18AM - Apple Watch series 3

My Apple Watch is the simplest watches, since it's easy to use, match up with my IPhone 6sPlus, & I can add things to it as I wish; I love the fact that I can change the watch face, every week, & still be able to have what I want.  It has a Breathe app, Nike-Fitness app, Activity app & more; I can't wait to start using the Timer & Stopwatch, to see how they work & if I like it, or not.  I don't sleep with it on & take it off around 11pm, PST, to give my wrist a break; the battery, wearing the way I wear it, last about 2-2.5 days, then I have to charge it, usually at night, when I'm sleeping.

I do have apps that I've added myself:  Instagram, Color Pong (remember Pong?), Fooducate; the watch, when linked to my phone, has apps already built into the watch, ready to use.  I love the fact it let's me know about someone calling me, texts & when a message from:  Facebook, or another app; I also love the way the watch fits my wrist & doesn't fall off (unlike my Fitbit watches I kept losing).  It's the kind of watch I highly recommend, especially if you're, like me, & want a watch to tell time, give steps & helps me along by giving me reminders:  to stand, move, close my rings & so on: I admit I'm learning more & more about my watch & I'm glad I got myself 1.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

12:52AM - Foothill Neothinkers Clubhouse Meeting

Next Saturday, August 12, 1-3pm, PDT at the Barnes & Noble: The Kitchen, in Folsom, CA is the monthly Foothill Neothinkers Clubhouse Meeting; it's an introduction & figuring out what you have troubles with. Please PM me for more info & go onto tomorrow's News & Updates Call: (425)440-5100, access code: 256015#

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Monday, June 19, 2017

10:19PM - My Young Living Site


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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

11:34PM - My Young Living Video


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Sunday, May 21, 2017

11:28PM - How to search for Bike Shops

The 1st thing to do, in order to get my (your) bike fixed, is to start looking for bike shops that can fix old Schwinn bikes; then to start the search, & come with questions to ask:  How much would it cost to fix my bike?  What needs fixing?  Would it be better, for me, to buy another bike?  I've also asked, if they need to see my bike, before giving me an estimate & they all said yes; ask as many bike stores as you can, so you'll know who can, & who can't fix older bikes, because this is what I did, & I'm glad, because I found out info, that I wouldn't otherwise.

Since my bike is still in the rafters, & I'm still trying to get it down, even if it's an older bike (1972), I found out that I may have to give in & get a newer bike; I'm thinking of doing that, since I found out that it may be safer for me to get a newer bike, than to fix up my older Schwinn bike; also, it'll help me to get over my fear of riding a different kind of bike, than the 1 I already have. What does this mean?  Well it means I'll be looking at the different bikes, trying them out, then deciding the right 1 for me; this doesn't mean I'm giving up on my old Schwinn bike, it's I'm choosing safety 1st, as well as overcoming my fear on bike riding.

Either way, I'll have to get bike gear/accessories, so I can ride safely; I'll be postin a journal about that here, as well as create a video of what to wear.

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Thursday, May 18, 2017

10:01PM - Info for Pierced Ears

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Monday, May 8, 2017

1:05AM - My Univera & Young Living



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Saturday, May 6, 2017

12:27AM - Foothill Neothinkers Clubhouse Meeting

Next Saturday, from 1-3pm, PDT, at the Barnes & Noble: The Kitchen, is the monthly Foothill Neothinkers Clubhouse Meeting; we're gonna talk about the 4 Pillars, events, an introduce of members

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Sunday, April 9, 2017

11:08PM - Change Piercings 3

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Thursday, April 6, 2017

10:37PM - My Bike: Why I was afraid of it & why I'm not now

When I was 8 yrs old, I received a Schwinn bike for Christmas; however, I was afraid of it.  I had just learned how to walk, without leg braces, also, learning how to run, jump & play like the other kids; I still rode on my trike & Big Wheel, but wasn't sure about my new bicycle.  But my neighbor, across the street from me, helped me learn how to ride my bike, as well as get over my fear of riding it, even thoug, I wanted to ride my trike & Big Wheel, instead.
When we moved to our 1st house, I began riding it, but rode my friend's horse, more; when we moved to the Central Valley of CA, I couldn't ride my bike anymore, due to very steep hills.  As I went to school, then some college, I got disinterested in  wanting to ride my bike; I did, however, started driving a car, but wanted to try to ride my bike (I was somewhat afraid).
About a couple yrs ago, as I was on Liberty Island, I found more of my Child of the Past (10-12 yr old), riding my bike & overcoming obsticles, such as:  rings, Monkey bars; after I came back home, I started doing research on shops that would do bike repair.  Right now, I'm trying to figure out how to get it down, so I can get the dust off & take it in to a bike shop, to get it fixed so I can ride it, now that I'm no longer afraid of it.   

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Saturday, March 18, 2017

10:56PM - Post Piercing Care

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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

10:37PM - My Photobucket


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Saturday, March 4, 2017

12:10AM - My Ear Piercing Experience

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Monday, February 20, 2017

4:42PM - My Trike & Big Wheel: I rode from little tot - early Teen

When I was little, living in a Trailer Park, in Arcata, CA, I started riding my trike; at 1st, it was used as theraphy, to help me walk, then was further used to help me with my walking.  It was red & had it before moving to the Central Valley of CA, due to my theraphy to help me walk; also, the back was used for me to ride it a different way, as theraphy & help me push off, from the back part of my trike.  I loved that trike, since when I had gotten my bike, I was afraid of riding it (will be the next Blog I post); I would ride my trike on the edge of the curbs, then on the driveway, till I learned the rules of the rode, when I was in the 1sty grade.  My 1st grade teacher, Mrs Thurston taught, us kids, the rules of the rode, both on sidewalks & without any; I'm glad she did, because I took it with me & still use them today.

When I was little, I was in the Easter Seal Program, to learn how to walk; my Physical Therapist gave me a Big Wheel, to ride.  It had the same back as my trike, only wider; I was able to ride on curbs, at campsites & to my grandparents house/trailer.  I even took it tom school, when I was in the 1st grade, to learn the rules of the rode; I had fun & also had it till we moved to the Central Valley of California.

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4:10PM - Ear Piercing Day

Next week, I'll have my ears pierced

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Saturday, January 14, 2017

11:53PM - Upcoming Videos, Posts & other neat stuff

My Ear Piercing Videos
I'll be creating a video, of myself, before my piercing/explaining what I'll be be explained/the reason why they use an alcohol wipe, 1st/why they put a small dot where the piercing gonna go/how I got my 1st ear pierced/what will be on the next video
I'll then creat a Post-Ear Piercing:  showing how to clean my new piercings/sleeping with new piercings/exercise, & walking with new piercings/after shower/as well as other ideas that might help with your/my new piercings

My Schwinn Bike
I'll first start post, here on my LiveJournal, about my trike, Big Wheel, then when I 1st got my bike/why I was so scared of it/who helped me ride it/when did I stop riding it; then post about how to start research on bike repair plars, how much it'll cost &/or whether, or not I'll need a new bike
Then I'll create, both a Blog, & a video on: the accessories I'll need to ride my bike, clothing I might need/want to wear/balancing on my bike (standing, walk balance, with 1 foot on 1 pedal at a time); then suggestions on how to ride my bike better, incdluding not falling, pre-bike riding & storage

Crafting Videos
I'll be creating more loom knitting/crochet videos, including the different between a small crochet hook & a double-sided, with grips, what the different between looming with yarn & looming with bands & why they're both considered knitting; I'll also be showing you a pants knitting project I'm currently working on as well as crocheting a small project, using the LoomiLoom.
I also may have other projects in the works, such as:  creating fairy wings, basic costuming & how to store your crafts in a storage cabin.

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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

9:56PM - Pre-Ear Piercing Info

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