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Monday, March 27, 2017

12:59AM - My Bike: Why I was afraid of it & why I'm not now

When I was 8 yrs old, I received a Schwinn bike for Christmas; however, I was afraid of it.  I had just learned how to walk, without leg braces, also, learning how to run, jump & play like the other kids; I still rode on my trike & Big Wheel, but wasn't sure about my new bicycle.  But my neighbor, across the street from me, helped me learn how to ride my bike, as well as get over my fear of riding it, even thoug, I wanted to ride my trike & Big Wheel, instead. 

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Saturday, March 18, 2017

10:56PM - Post Piercing Care

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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

10:37PM - My Photobucket


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Saturday, March 4, 2017

12:10AM - My Ear Piercing Experience

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Monday, February 20, 2017

4:42PM - My Trike & Big Wheel: I rode from little tot - early Teen

When I was little, living in a Trailer Park, in Arcata, CA, I started riding my trike; at 1st, it was used as theraphy, to help me walk, then was further used to help me with my walking.  It was red & had it before moving to the Central Valley of CA, due to my theraphy to help me walk; also, the back was used for me to ride it a different way, as theraphy & help me push off, from the back part of my trike.  I loved that trike, since when I had gotten my bike, I was afraid of riding it (will be the next Blog I post); I would ride my trike on the edge of the curbs, then on the driveway, till I learned the rules of the rode, when I was in the 1sty grade.  My 1st grade teacher, Mrs Thurston taught, us kids, the rules of the rode, both on sidewalks & without any; I'm glad she did, because I took it with me & still use them today.

When I was little, I was in the Easter Seal Program, to learn how to walk; my Physical Therapist gave me a Big Wheel, to ride.  It had the same back as my trike, only wider; I was able to ride on curbs, at campsites & to my grandparents house/trailer.  I even took it tom school, when I was in the 1st grade, to learn the rules of the rode; I had fun & also had it till we moved to the Central Valley of California.

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4:10PM - Ear Piercing Day

Next week, I'll have my ears pierced

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Saturday, January 14, 2017

11:53PM - Upcoming Videos, Posts & other neat stuff

My Ear Piercing Videos
I'll be creating a video, of myself, before my piercing/explaining what I'll be be explained/the reason why they use an alcohol wipe, 1st/why they put a small dot where the piercing gonna go/how I got my 1st ear pierced/what will be on the next video
I'll then creat a Post-Ear Piercing:  showing how to clean my new piercings/sleeping with new piercings/exercise, & walking with new piercings/after shower/as well as other ideas that might help with your/my new piercings

My Schwinn Bike
I'll first start post, here on my LiveJournal, about my trike, Big Wheel, then when I 1st got my bike/why I was so scared of it/who helped me ride it/when did I stop riding it; then post about how to start research on bike repair plars, how much it'll cost &/or whether, or not I'll need a new bike
Then I'll create, both a Blog, & a video on: the accessories I'll need to ride my bike, clothing I might need/want to wear/balancing on my bike (standing, walk balance, with 1 foot on 1 pedal at a time); then suggestions on how to ride my bike better, incdluding not falling, pre-bike riding & storage

Crafting Videos
I'll be creating more loom knitting/crochet videos, including the different between a small crochet hook & a double-sided, with grips, what the different between looming with yarn & looming with bands & why they're both considered knitting; I'll also be showing you a pants knitting project I'm currently working on as well as crocheting a small project, using the LoomiLoom.
I also may have other projects in the works, such as:  creating fairy wings, basic costuming & how to store your crafts in a storage cabin.

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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

9:56PM - Pre-Ear Piercing Info

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Monday, December 26, 2016

11:04PM - Pre-Ear Piercing

Before getting any procedeure done, & this goes especailly for ear piercings, there's some things you should know, & be doing, before getting that procedure/piercingsx done; also, there are things you need to be aware of, before, in this case ear piercings, that might help you, when you do get them done.  The following are helpful hints on what you need to do, so that way, when you do get your ear pierced, your 1 step ahead & are already doing them; I'll also be sharing an AfterCare video, by Claire's, that will help you get started as well as other inportant things you need to be aware of.  Tomorrow, I will be creating a video of even more hints that will help you when you get your ears pierced as well as other neat information to consider.

Some things that you should start doing, before getting your ears pierced:
                            1)  start brushing your hair away from your face- by brushing your hair away from your face, is to get the tiny hairs away from your piercings; you may also want to pull hair long hair back till your piercings heal
                            2)  start wearing perfume down the lower neck, &/or on your wrists, till your piercings heal
                            3)  start wearing button-up shirts- wearing these kinds of shirts won't snag when you put them on, as well as won't have a chance to pull on, nor get close to your new piercings
                           4)  Ladies:  try  not to wear blush, make-up, or power, just till your piercings heal; you may just want to wear eye make-up for awhile
                            5)  Yogis:  try not to do any Yoga that requires you to lie down- so that your ear down't hurt & it's not gonna be painful, just till your piercings heal
                            6)  Try sleeping on your back for the 1st 2 days, then sleep on your back till it feels comfortable for you to sleep on your side (I will explain this better on my Pre-Ear Piercing video)

Here's the AfterCare video, by Claire's, you can take a looke at:

Another thing to be aware of is, before getting your ears pierced, try pinching the area, of your ear, so you'll have some idea of thepressure, when you get your piercings (I will explain this in my Pre-Ear Piercing video)
By trying these helpful hints, & watchiong the Claire's video, will help prepare you for what you need to do after you get your piercings; & please remember, it's gonna take time & yopu'll feel better knowing how to do things that come naturally so you don't hurt, or damage your newly pierced ears

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Saturday, December 24, 2016

5:43PM - Places for pierced ears

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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

11:41PM - Ear Piercing Videos & filming

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Sunday, October 9, 2016

4:29PM - Tim Singing a Beatles Song

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Saturday, July 23, 2016

10:09PM - Possible Scam? My Facebook Account PLEASE READ

Hi Everyone,
        My cousin recently received a message from a Facebook Page, wasn't mine, that concerned him; it read:
             This is specifically place for those who need assistance, paying for bills,buying a home, starting their own business, going to school, or even helping raise their children with old and retired people,This is a new program, I got  $90,000 delivered to me when I applied for the grant and you don't have to pay it back..you can also apply too
For some reason, someone broke into my Facebook account, & typed:
       That fantastic.  Hey I'm at work right now.  I have to go.  You got to let me know who you invest in
Then typed:
Click on the claiming agent link and Add him on his page. 
Please if you get this kind of message, DON'T OPEN IT, instead warn others of this email, then pass this e-mail along to everyone you can; & watch all your social media, for anything like this, since my Facebook Page was broken into
Karen Lorraine Venn

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

11:07PM - Clip Earrings: Various Kinds & Why They Hurt

Clip Earrings Various Kinds
There are many different kinds of clip earrings; examples are:  screw, fold (wide, solid, thin) & conversion (pierced to clip), & may have padding for your ears.  Since there are so many clip earrings out there, as well as different types, it's a wonder that no one has any embedded earsa, or having some that might, & will, embed your ears; a clip earring either screws onto your ear, or folds (clips) onto your ear.  However, making sure they don't hurt, embed your ears, as well as finding pads for them, is another matter (I will tell you about this later); also, make sure they don't embed or go into your ear lobe, so when you take them off, they won't hurt, nor will need an ice cube, in order to remove them.  Now let's talk about pads for your clip earrings:

Pads for Clip Earrings
Many clip earrings hurt because of lack of padding for the earring backs as well as when they're on your ears; they also hurt due to the kind of earring you may have.  Finding pads for clip earrings are haerd to find & depending on the type of clip earring, may not be available; 1 kind of padding you can easily find for a certain type of clip earring is for earring backs with a hole to fit the little roundfoam into, in order fit put the back on.  Another kind of padding for clip earrings, just slips on, loosely, then when you take the clip off, the thin padding falls off; hopefully, you don't lose them, in order to wear your clips again; however, there are no pads for any thin clip earrings, nor for any conversation clips.  There may be pads for screw-on earrings, but just like other clip-style earrings, may be hard to find, or you may have to make them yourself; if all clip earrings had pads with them, I do think that more people would wear them more often, I know I would with mine.  Also, by creating pads for every type of clip earring, won't be as painful to wear, or remove; & I feel if there were any pads for those clips thatr don't have pads, would be more comfortable to wear & won't embed as much (if at all).

No Hurt Clips, or How to Prevent Hurt ears
How to prevent your ears from hurting while wearing you clip earrings is a changling 1; 1st of all, not all clip earrings have pads that you can place on the backs of your clips, the clips range in all types of sizes, & some are screw-ins & when you wear some of them, it may take an ice cube just to remove the earring.  However, there are ways to wear them without hurting:  1) don't wear them all day/night; 2)  try the pads that you can put on certain earrings; 3)  wear them to show off, then remove them before they start hurting your ears.  Also, there must be some way to wear other types of clip earrings without hurting your ears; there also has to be a way of creating such things, so a person who doesn't want their ears pierced, can still wear earrings.
If any of you know of any clip earring pads (for all clip earrings), please post it in the comments section; also, if any of you made pads for your clips, please add it to the comments section
I will be creating a video that will go with this blog, for a better understanding on why I don't wear any of my clip earrings

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

11:52AM - Research on 2 Ear Piercing Methods, Asking Questions & More

Here, I will be posting about the 2 Ear Piercing Methods (what I think of each, the difference between:  Needle Method & Gun, & separate the myths associated with the 2), how to ask questions to a store clerk about the method being used, do they really sterilize & why I think is vital to do your research before your piercing; I'll also be posting a link from Claire's AfterCare sheet, for you to really, carefully look at.  I will also be disecting 3 sentences from their AfterCare sheet, so no one will get confused or asume any myths, that anyone might have heard, or read about; I will also be creating a video about my take on the 2 Ear Piercing methods as well as why I don't wear Clip earrings as well as about infections, Keliods & other things that might help for this procedure

2 Ear Piercing Methods:  Needle Method Vs Gun Method

Here's what I think of both the Needle Method & the Gun Method, as well as which 1 I'd do, as a 1st timer:
Needle Method:  What I think of this method of sticking a needle in my ear, willingly, would be ok if I know, for sure, they're gonna take care of me, & make absolutely sure the needles are sterillized, there are earring choices & explain to me what's gonna happen as well the AfterCare of my piercings; I also have misgivings about the needle being jammed in my ears, not knowing if the needles are being properly taken care of & whether, or not, they've used these needles on other peoples ears, before mine.  I also have misgivings about having a needle jammed in my ears, mainly because of where theiy're being put into as well as what might happen, or contracting any blood contaminates, which can happen, with this method
Gun Menthod:  What I have seen, & read, about this method, to me looks like the best method for me, but also, it loooks like they take the time with you, beforehand as well as explain what's about tom happen, have earring choices & AfterCare; of what I've watched, & read, I don't have as many misgivings about my ears being punctured by these guns, than with the needle, even thoughthe same dangers with the guns may apply as the needle method does.
The difference between the Needle Method & the Gun
Needle Method:  The needle may be long (if done professionally) or short (if done by frieds, family), being jammed into the ear, that may, or may not, be cleaned by a disinfectant wipe, &/or marked for the needle to enter; also, there may be choice of what earrings you8 want, whether with stude, or hoop, the nhow it's being put into the ear, then cleaned.  I'm hoping that the procedure is explained beforehand, so the customer/patient knows what's about to happen.
Gun Method:  Of what I've read from:  claires.com/earringpiercing, the this procedure, including what's about to happen, is explained to you beforehand, you have to fill out a form, the these Speciallists, wipe your ears with a, 1-time use disinfectant wipe, then mark it with a pen to put the piercing in, then use a single-use gun for each ear; they clean the ear with their solution, exsplaining how to use it.  Also, they have many earrings to choose from, & will let you know about what they have; the selection of earrings on  their web site.
Myths asociated with both the Needle Method & piercing gun
Can you get any kind of infections, more with the Needle Method, than the piercing gun?  Actually, a person (patient) can actually get more infections of any kind with the needle, since the needle goes directly into a bare ear; & since no one knows if it's a single-use needle or not & whether they use the same needle in both ears, there's a lot more likelyhood of any kind of infections, using the Needle Method.  However, that doesn't mean you won't get any kind of infection using the piercing gun, but it's less likely, since the needle is small & in a container, separate from being touched by anyone.
What about anything with blood, or Blood Bourne Pathegyns?   It's more likely that a person (patient) can contract any Blood Bourne Pathegyns, using the Needle Method, since the needle goes directly into a bare ear, & may even use the same needle for the other ear; this is very dangerous, since, there's an open wound, with the needle still in the ear, as oppose to the piercing gun, which has a protective covering, to hide the small needle as well as protect the patient from any Blood Bourne Pathegyns.  However, it's still a procedure, & anyone can get anything from another person's blood, using either method; a person just has to be aware & be safe.  Otherwise, something they didn't expect, will happen & may contract something from another person's blood
Is there a likehood anything can go wrong, for either the Needle Method, or the piercing gun?  Of course, like with any procedure done, with any part of your body, this included, things can go wrong; it could be the Specialist is shaky that day & can't hold the needle, or piercing gun; they might have worries & are concentrating on other things, instead of your ears; & they could be unaware of what's going on, & really not focused on piercing your ears.  In fact, you want to be aware of this as well as who's doing the piercing, what method & are they focused on you, ready to pierce your ears; otherwise, piercings can, & may go wrong or may not be pierced at all, & this is for both the Needle Method as well as the piercing gun method

How to ask Important Questions about the Needle Method or Piercing Gun:

You need to start writing down questions to ask the Speciallist, Piercer, prior to having it done so you'll know mfor sure you're gonna be properly taken care of; the 1st thing you need to do is to Google:  ear piercings to see what you get.  Then take a look at all you can, especially piercing places, take a look at their site, then see if there's ear piercings for you to look at.  Make sure you read carefully of what's on there, esplore the entire page & see how they use their instruments.  However, if they don't have a web site, you may have to either call them to see which method they use, how the instrments are handled & taken care of & are you gonna be in any danger, or not; also, you may have to go their store & ask them in pertson & hope you get your questions answered, including:
Are the instruments sterillized?  Do they use a single-use needle in each ear?  How about the Piercing gun?  Are they cleaning up the area, after each patient?
Each question is important & if no one's willing to answer those questions, I'd suggest that you go soemwhere else, or try a different approach; otherwise, things may happen, you didn't want to, or may just turn you down, just because

Application Form for Ear Piercings

Claire's Application Form:

Like with all other procedures, a patient needs to fill out a form (see above), in order to have anything done to your body; also, it's to clear, who ever pierces your ears, from any neglagents, wrong doing or any infections (will be on my video).  No matter where you get your piercings, when you get them done, you must fill out an application, the make sure someone discusses with you what's about to happen; then, goes with you any AfterCare treatments, that will help in the healing process
           Now let's disect 3 sentences from the above application:
                  I understand that my ears will be pierced with pre-sterilized, single-use ear piercing earrings that are packaged in sealed containers
                  What this means is your ears will be pierced with a pre-sterilized (put in boiling hot water, then alcohol solution, then hot water & air-dry from any contaminents), single-us (used 1-time in only 1 ear; then another 1-time only in the other ear, then will be disposed of properly), ear piercing earrings (1 in each container) that are packaged (already put inside on a needle) in sealed containers (enclosed already for an ear, 1 ear only, then disposed of); they want to make absolutely sure anyone, & the patient, understands this & what it really means
                    I have observed that the associate wore new, disposable ear piercing gloves for my/my child's ear piercing
                        What this means is that it's up to you, as a patient, to notice whether or not the associate is wearing new (not previously worn) disposable (thrown away after eachy use & each patient getting their ears pierced) ear piercing gloves (special gloves just for piercing our ears, nothing else) for my/my child's ears pierced (just mine, or your child's, no one else's; otherwise, contamination will take place on anyone else's ears); they just want each patient to be aware & look & see, observe  

                   I have observed that the associate cleaned the ear piercing instrument and each of my/my child's ears with a separate, single-use disinfectant/anitseptic wipe before the piercing
                         What this means is it's up to you to notice whether or not, the associate is cleaning the instrument (not just wipe it down, but clean it with an alcohol-based wipe, the are disposing it, without using it on somesone's body) & that's to whole instrument and are making absolutely sure that our/your child's ears are being wipe with a separate (use 1-time, on 1 ear, then the same with the other) single-use disinfectant/antiseptic (alcohol-based, or sterile/water-based) wipe, before (prior) to the piercing; this just means the patient has to be observant of what's happening as well as what's going on, because it's your body

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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

4:19PM - Prior to Hearing Test

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Monday, May 16, 2016

11:49PM - This Friday, on Instagram & more

This Friday, before going to get my hearing test, I'll be posting a picture of my ears; later that day, I may try posting a photo wearing a pair of clip earrings (unless my ears start hurting beforehand).  I'll be posting them on my Facebook (Foodbook), Twitter & YouTube; I may even post them here as well as a couple others.

After my hearing test, I'll let you know about more info on pierced ears.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

11:52PM - Getting My Ears Pierced

Coming late Spring/early Summer...here...........Getting My Ears Pierced, what it takes, what's involved & more

After I got my new prescription, I went to my local Claire's & asked a couple of my questions, which the clerk answered; what information I received was very thorough & showed me the ear ring display, then told me what they have on hand.  She was very helpful & wore glasses, with several piercings; after I was satisfied that she answered all my questions, I left there very happy, knowing, this Spring/Summer, after I get my hearing tested, I'll be getting my ears pierced.
My questions to her were:  Will my eye glasses be in the way of my ear piercings?  The clerk said, No, the ear piece is higher up on my ear; also, she was wearing eye glasses, herself
How would you suggest I sleep with my new ear piercings?  She suggested I ly on my back for the 1st few days, then it should be alright.

I'll be taking pictures (Instagram, YouTube), then create a video, before getting my ears pierced, the day of, then after (if you'd like me to post here, & create a video of cleaning my ears, exercising, sleeping & anything else, please post it the comments below); I'll then post more things while my ears heal, then may show you what they look like

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Friday, April 15, 2016

8:09PM - Manika — How Can I Love (official music video)

Thursday, March 10, 2016

11:53PM - Thursday, 3/10 Happy Saying

"The whole world steps aside for the man who knows where he is going."

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